Sunday, May 31, 2015

Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival 2015

When I was studying Japanese at my university, my professors would give us the opportunity to go or volunteer and the festival for extra credit. I volunteered one year and I always go back after that and I got my mom to come along a couple times. I am into Japanese culture but anime and anime characters I don't know anything honestly so I can't tell you what something is.    

There wear so many people there dressed up in different fashions and as characters.
My favorite were the girls dressed in Lolita Fashion.

There was a dog contest for the pest pretty in pink.
They won!!!!!

There were a lot of people who dressed up as characters from anime and some who just decided to dress up for the festival.


A lot of companies came to sell there goods

There were plenty of activities for families and so much food. I think that's all I did was eat...oh well.

The festival was so much fun and I cant wait till the next one. If your a fan of anime or just Japanese culture in general the this festival is for you. Nothing but good food and good times.
Until next time spirits.

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