Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring Floral 

Here in Nashville you don't know when it will really be spring even though it's "officially" spring. Some days you get painfully cold days and other days you will burn if you don't wear sun screen. But this day was a pretty good day, so I decided to shoot this OOTD. Me and my mom went to a cherry blossom festival that happens every year and then ran some errands for my move.  

I love this dress because it's one of those perfect spring dresses. It is light weight, has floral, and it's the kind of dress that if you are a little worried about your tummy area it covers that.

Dress: Forever 21 in the sale 
Cardigan: Plato's Closet  

Purse: Forever 21

Whenever it is one of those days were you can get away with wearing a skirt or dress but it's still a little chilly, just throw on a light sweater. 

Sweater: Forever 21 in the sale
Shoes: Charlotte Russe  

Until next time Spirits

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