Sunday, March 29, 2015

Haul:Random H&M, Forever 21, and other bits and bobs

Hey spirits!!!(that’s what I am calling my followers from now on) I have a little haul for you guys. It’s really random and short but a haul nonetheless of some pretty awesome things.

Forever 21 was having a deal of free shipping of anything on the sight. I first found out about it by the emails that get sent to my phone by them. So if you ever want to keep up with the deals that are going on definitely sign up for the emails and updates. I have never shopped on Forever 21’s website, I normally just go in store for anything I need/want. But I am glad I did because the website has so much more than in the store. About a week ago…...see what I did there...I had to, I was looking for a floppy hat for the spring. Every hat that I found was 15 to 20 dollars. I would be willing to pay that if the hat was something great, not just a normal floppy hat. So I went online and saw that Forever 21 was having a spring sale; and what do I find…..a floppy hat. I find a black straw floppy hat on sale for 8.00 it was a steal. Online they only had the black one, I wanted the brown one so I just got black. And I also got a necklace with the breast cancer symbol because breast cancer does run in my family. You can still get free shipping on some of the items.

A couple days later I went in store and they had the brown one I wanted, and there were only two left so of course I grabbed it.

I walked into H&M not expecting to find much, but I did find a few things.

This pink kind-of baggy sweater that is high low and really cute.

Ulta is having a sale for the month of march; each day something different is on sale. So I popped in for my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer I was running a bit low. It normally runs for 20.00 but it was on sale for half off. I have really oily eyelids and this seems to be the only eyeshadow primer that works. Love Love Love this primer. I also got a body scrub from Tree Hut called the Shea Sugar Scrub. I got the Tropical Mango that smells like you would want to eat it. It is still on sale if you wanna check it out. But I have also seen this at Walgreens as well.

I’m from Nashville, and for the longest time we have never had an Urban Outfitters. If we did it was in the rich neighborhoods. But in the last five years things have changed and it’s an up and coming city that is growing fast. It’s growing towards the hipster side of things but it’s growing. So I stumbled across one last week and I found that they sell Korean beauty products. Now yes, I am into mostly all things Asian cause... I mean come on…….have you seen their skin. I got this Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Hand Cream. It was so cute I couldn't pass it up.

Last but not least my local Walgreens was having a 50% off sale on some of their perfumes so I picked up Nicki Minaj Pink Friday. This is my everyday sent. To me it smells like a mixture between sweet and floral. Plus I always get compliments when I wear it.